Are you looking for film or HD cameras or lighting sets and professional equipments? We have all that you need. Just come to see us. We not only provide truly high-quality equipments but we will give you the best practice of filming in Cambodia.

Sony PMWE X3

Panasonic AG_AF102

Blackmagic Cinema 4k

Canon EOS 500

Panasonic HPX 250

Sony Z7

Sony XDCam




Canon EOS 5D Mark ii and iii

Panasonic P2



Rode Stereo Video Mic111



Also large selection of audio and lighting equipment, for example:

List of Equipment
Description Quantity
Arri Compac HMI 1200 with conventional ballast  2
Arri Compac HMI 2500 with conventional ballast  2
Arri Compac HMI 4000 with conventional ballast  1
Arri tungsten 1000 w 2
Arri tungsten 2000 w 2
Arri tungsten 650w 2
Red head 600w 2
Porta Jib 1
Spider Dolly (2 x 6m Flexible Track) 1
Platform crane 4.5m height 1
3m Stand with arm 25
3.5m Stand for HMI light (Manfrotto) 3
4m Stand for HMI light 1
Cartoni (Beta) Tripod 1
Electronic Flash (Monobloc)
Elinchrom 1000w 2
Elinchrom 500w 2
Various Gobo
Diffusion frame 2.5m x 2m  2
Diffusion frame 2m x 1m  1
Diffusion frame 1m x 0.8m 3
Diffusion frame 59cm x 65cm 2
Diffusion frame 47cm x 32cm 3
Reflector 1m x 1.2m  4
Foam reflector board (1m x 0.5m Panels) 10
9m x 11m x 4.5m high  
90 Degree Cyclorama (9m x 5.5m x 4.5m high)  
Ceiling Tracks  
Car Access  
Denyo 25KVA sound propf  
Truck Mounted  
With Cables  
Master climb  
Plastic clip  
Metal clip  
Supper climb