The Team

Our team is comprised of national and international experts with considerable experience in the fields of news production, current affairs, documentary films, drama and television shows. This unique combination makes us truly qualified to be your media partner in the Kingdom of Cambodia and other countries around the world.
CEO / Founder

Mr. Prom Sarin is a veteran of television production. He studied a Bachelor Degree in Media and Journalism for Broadcasting in Malaysia, Indonasia, China and in the Philippines. Mr. Sarin started his media career in 1993 as a video journalist and camera OP. He has worked on many international TV news reports, documentaries and features.He has worked as Program Manager and Executive Producer at the different television stations in Phnom Penh and, as a freelance producer and filmmaker he has worked with several International NGOs including PSI, UNDP and WMC. In 2009, Sarin formed SHOOT International Media Production Ltd. and with his team has produced many television commercials for hundred of clients.

AM’s decision to venture his career as a film director in the television commercial production industry has been proving to be a right one. Not exactly a newcomer to the industry. AM has been refining his visual performance based style for the past couple of years and finally turning his true talents to film directing. AM’s knowledge and capabilities are formed through many years of experience of working with unique personnel from around the globe. Fresh and anarchic, his work reveals an ability to create artless and natural feel. From shooting within twisted budgets to exploring fantastic surreal situations, AM’s work appears to be strangely normal. Whether he is a guy trying to live out his superstardom fantasy or being a political prisoner struggling to survive in a distressing torture in reality, AM’s style is specifically meant to be direct and powerful.
Film Director

David Brown’s extensive production experience includes short and long form documentaries, commercial work, community projects and fictional films. He is an advocate of human rights, the underlying theme of much of his work. David’s clients include government organizations, businesses, individuals, community groups and Non-Government Organizations(NGO’s) both in Australia and overseas.
David believes the process of recording stories of all types is of great benefit in the development of individuals and communities. Capturing that collective voice, the expression of that story is fundamental in creating understanding and change. David’s unobtrusiveness quickly develops trust in any environment, this enables him to get to the core a story and the hearts of the people involved. He has a gentle tenacity that enables him to work with a wide range of people in any environment.
David’s core philosophy is to make your project possible, big or small. He will support and guide you through the entire production experience. You can expect open and honest communication, we listen, we discuss your project and determine what best suits your requirements and goals.

Movie Maker / Producer

Mael Aguessy is from Paris, he worked at Publicis agency as producer in movie advertising. He has built a strong expertise in production for TV, music clips and short movies. He studied cinema production at Gobelins school in Paris, launched his own company in 2010 in photography and movie production. He has a strong writer profil and producer specialized in photography and movie. He work in SHOOT international with Sarin Prom and work on his own movies.


Producer / Project Manager
Mr. Sovannarith HENG is a talented media producer and documentary filmmaker. He has worked in many key positions for major broadcasters in Cambodia, starting from video editor, cameraman, assistant producer, and then producer. In 2008, he successfully completed a professional training course on broadcast journalism and media management offered by Korean Broadcasting Industry (KBI) in Seoul, Republic Korea. In the television production, he has strong experiences in directing and writing variety shows, documentaries, and dramas series. Furthermore, he is good at critical thinking with communication skill to work effectively with all levels of government agencies, private sector and international NGOs in Cambodia.

Mr. Sokunthea started his media career in 1992 as a freelance reporter & photographer. He has written and filmed extensively for news reports and in 1993 worked as a Photographer for The United Nation Intermediate Authority in Cambodia (UNTAC). In 1994 he joined the Time News weekly paper as photographer and in 1996 worked with the Cambodia Today Newspaper as a photographer. From 1998 -2011 he worked for Thomson Reuters News Agency.

Click here or here to see examples of Sokunthea’s work...

Music Composer

Jan Mueller was formerly head of the dubbing studio at the Apsara TV Station in Phnom Penh. He is widely experienced in music composing and in technical sound for live broadcasting. Jan is a wonderful music composer and he has who produced over 1000 pieces of music and sound effects for Cambodian TV. Starting from an interest and work as a DJ, Jan’s career took off after he developed his own recording studio in 2005. Mr. Jan attracts wide audiences with new remixes of traditional and modern Hip-Hop songs. Jan is very involved in contemporary Cambodian music production and in coaching music students and producers, Before coming to Cambodia, Jan graduated in TV Production in Germany and worked as soap-opera actor for 7 years. After arriving in Cambodia in 2002 he has decided to spend his life with major Cambodian TV stations such as TVK, TV5, TV3, Bayon TV, and Apsara TV. During Jan’s four years at Apsara TV dubbing studio, he created many recognizable advertising music for key beverage brands like Angkor Beer, Yeos, and for Infinity Insurance, Red Bull, Axe, Lux, Decolgen, Pond’s,etc.) Jan is also a talented sound designer, radio drama creator, corporate jingle-sound producer and audio mixer for Shoot International Media Production Ltd.
Production Manager
Mr. Sophal is a veteran of music video production in Cambodia. He started his career in 1996 as video editor and camera operator for Amara Video Production which is owned by his brother. With the strong passion and music video interest, he has learnt new technique from the shows, and wasd romoted to film director and program director for APSARA television in 2009. Mr. Sophal has directed many music videos, feature films, documentaries, and television shows for PSI (Punishment of Love), the Ministry of Commerce (Cambodia Jointed WTO, Cambodia Expo-Export 2003), Cambodia Fishery Department (DFIDP), Media Hood Production (Love Spirit), Double Happiness Film (UK), Apsara TV, Zealot films (UK) and the O-People Advertising Agency. Sophal is not only good at media production but also knews every aspect of the legal process and working system in the Kingdom of Cambodia.
Photographer / Videographer
Mr.Lucas is a humanitarian and travel photographer based in Phnom Penh in Cambodia and originally from Lausanne in Switzerland. He worked with NGOs such as CARE International, ECPAT and Friends International as well as being a Getty Images Contributor. HeI also did videography work and most recently was one of the winners of Sony's WPO 2013 competition.
His calm and friendly demeanour has allowed him access to some precarious environments and communities where heI aim to capture my subjects with authenticity and humanity.
Sound operator / Production coordinator

Mr. Ly began his media career in 2003 as a Sound mixer / Production coordinator for Apsara TV & Radio Stations. At Apsara TV & Radio he was responsible for the sound mixing of TV dramas and weekly TV shows such as comedies, documentaries, game shows and short movies. Mr. Ly worked also for ABC (Australian Brodcasting Cooperation), 360 Video Production (Singapure), DW TV (Germany), RTL, Southeast Asian TV Production, Boliwood, Westic Production, Johnson&Johnson, Keep the Children Save (NGO), Bill Clinton Foundation, Chanel News Asia, theKitchen Prodution and almost TV Stations in Cambodia.


Lighting / Camera Operator

Since 2015, Mr. Thona worked for SHOOT as a Lighting/ Camera OP he shoots TV dramas and weekly TV shows, such as comedies, documentaries, game shows and short movies He stared worked in 2015 as Production manager at KFCI organization. In his professional life, he made experience with video documentary, Radio programs, Pre- and Postproduction, camera operating and editing. He worked for NEW SONG Production and video karaoke productions; He was also youth team leader and worship leader. In year 2014 Mr. Thona worked as Camera Operator, casting officer and location researcher for SHOOT Video Documentary. Also was employed by TV Dramas, TV Spot with real sound and as Camera operator for Khmer Coloratura, also Camera operator for Events program”. In 2015 worked as camera operator for The SHOOT video documentary, different events and campaigns. In 2015 was Production Coordinator at SHOOT.


Film Director / Writer and Producer
Mr. Reap is a very experienced Cambodian film director, writer and a former country representative of Grey Advertising agency, working on entertainment projects in Cambodia. He produced innumerable television commercial, spots, documentaries and dramas for many Cambodian television stations. Before joining Shoot International Media, Reap also worked for UNICEF, BBC World Service Trust on behavioral change videos, radio and TV spots. He assisted Orange Brand Elements set up its multimedia production department and helped to develop the “You’re The Man! Reality TV Show Season 1” contributing concepts and production process. With great experience and a variety of media skills, Reap is truly a Cambodian expert that you are looking for.
IT Manager / Network Administrator / Webdesigner

Adam started his adventure with computes in 1985. He worked as as a freelancer marketing manager and graduated in 1999 with a Diploma in Software Development at the IVM Promind Instute of software development Munich - Germany and followed this with a Diploma as network administrator at the HVS Munich Germany in 2000. He worked fulltime as a software Developer at Giesecke & Devrient and later as a freelancer webdesigner on different internet projects. After that he worked as IT Manager for Balsanesco Ldt. Munich, before he started in Cambodia as IT Manager with SHOOT International Media Production Co,.Ltd.

Adam has created among many others, this website and pages….